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Re: Rally Australia

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od PLuto

Re: Rally Australia

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od Acom
Impozatni cisla po Australske rally:

Stage win No. 640 for the Polo R WRC (958 possible), 477th for Ogier
Powerstage win No. 39 for the Polo R WRC (51 possible), 33rd for Ogier

Re: Rally Australia

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od Mirek Fric
Karbonyl předpokládám bouchl ještě ráno šampus a oslavuje, protože Molly Taylor si vítězstvím v národní soutěži připsala historicky první australský titul pro ženu :!:

Nejrychlejším v cíli byl mimo mezinárodní pole startující Scott Pedder (Peugeot 208 Maxi), který měl před závodem na Molly náskok jednoho bodu. Podle zatím neověřených informací ale dostal penalizaci za předčasný příjezd do ČK a tím se propadl za Molly na druhé místo. Většinu závodu vedoucí Harry Bates (Corolla S2000) měl na jedné z RZ menší nehodu a ztratil šest minut.

Re: Rally Australia

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od PLuto
Dale Moscatt po penalizaci pro Peddera, která je připravila o titul:

My job as a co-driver in a rally is to always help achieve the best result for my driver and team. As a professional co-driver I strive for absolute perfection. With that said, on occasions, I have fallen short of my own high standards and over the years I’ve had to learn many lessons the hard way whilst improving my skills in this trade.

On the weekend at Coffs I made an honest mistake at a time control that resulted in Myself, Mark and our team receiving a penalty for early check in. Although Time Controls and pre stage prep isn’t always straight forward I realise it is solely my job to manage that situation to the best of my ability. On this occasion I failed to do that, resulting in a penalty that certainly lost us our rally.

This is not just a sport for me, this is my life and my passion, but also my financial livelihood. As a professional I can only accept responsibility for my own direct mistake and am offering the most sincere apology to Mark and my team as this should have been their time to celebrate.

As a human being that has poured their heart and soul into this sport, spent endless time away from my loving wife and children, family and friends, it has left me shattered to know that I have let down not only Mark from his first ARC win, our team from what would have been the first well-deserved victory of their car, but all of you family, friends and peers who have always supported me.

I would like to thank everyone that has offered me their kind words and shared their own similar war stories - I appreciate all the calls and messages to tell me I'm not stupid or alone. At present, I am still inconsolable that I have made such a critical mistake, let alone at such a time. I will strive to move forward with lesson in hand.